Here are some interesting links that I have accumulated over the years. I update this page often, so keep checking back!

Ham Radio

Learning Resources

  • HamStudy – Free Ham Radio License Test Prep
  • LCWO – Learn CW Online: Free Morse Code Learning & Practice

Equipment Vendors

Ham Radio Software

  • Winlink – Email over Radio
  • FLDigi – Digital Mode Software Suite
  • WSJT – Weak Signal Digital Communication Software
  • Xastir – Linux-Based APRS Software
  • N3FJP Software – Contact Logging Software

Portable Operating

Scanner and Shortwave Listening


Auxiliary Communications

Federal Resources

NC Resources

Local Resources

Severe Weather & Skywarn

  • Skywarn Training – Free Online Official Skywarn Training
  • NWSGSP – Greenville-Spartanburg National Weather Service Office
  • NC FIMAN – North Carolina Flood Inundation Mapping and Alert Network