A few months ago, I started exploring for a platform to express my opinions and ideas, as well as share in my experiences in amateur radio and other interests of mine. My mind originally went to a YouTube channel, but this requires equipment and skills that I currently do not possess. After that, I started to look at podcasting. After all, I had a microphone, and a lot to say. However, my ideas and my experiences tend to be more fluid in nature. At times, they come in rapid fire succession, and other times, they come slowly and steadily. Podcasting brings along its own set of pressures, especially when it comes to content creation. Many podcasts are released on a regular schedule; weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This, in a sense, creates deadlines, that ultimately lead to content being “rushed out” in order to meet the deadline. Furthermore, podcasting almost always requires segmenting your content into blocks, typically 30 minutes to an hour. This could potentially cause a simpler topic to be expanded past its usefulness, or a more complex topic to be oversimplified until it ultimately lost its meaning. I felt that these two constraints would put a choke-hold on my creative process. This would undoubtedly lead to a product that was sub-par and ultimately leave me greatly unsatisfied with the results.

Ultimately, I chose to create a blog. This would allow me to be flexible in the timing and content of my posts so that I could allow ideas to flow, not be forced. I had tried this once before, with a website I built entirely from the ground up. This did not last long, as I tend to have the creativity of an old shoe and much of my time was spent in school, where a blog was the last thing on my list of priorities. When I revisited my former blog, I determined that it would be best to make a fresh start, one with the aid of a better development platform, where my time could be spent writing blog posts, not twiddling with CSS.

At this time, I am proud to welcome you to my new blog and website! I plan to make this space a landing spot for my ideas, and, as the name suggests, misadventures that I have in ham radio and the like. My ultimate goal for this site is to create a space with blog posts, tutorials, and accounts of my activities that cover a wide range of interests. Right now, this site is pretty static, however, as I continue to develop my ideas, I hope to grow this website into a hub for interesting and informative content. I welcome you to check by often and see the latest. Feel free to leave a comment below, and enjoy the site!